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1L Dose IT Versan - Sanitiser

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Kills 99.999% of bacteria & effective against C. Difficile spores.

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Product Description

Dose iT - Versan. 1L

Broad Spectrum Surface Disinfectant for Disease Control - Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Viricidal & Sporicidal.

Effective against: Clostridium Difficile, Norovirus, HIV (Aids), T.B., SARS, Hepatitis, MRSA, Influenza A, Herpes, and Viridae.

Kills 99.999% of bacteria & effective against C. Difficile spores.

Medical Hygiene:
Use on enviromental surfaces that will only come into contact with the skin (not inside the body). Surfaces contaminated with blood or bloody bodily fluids or other soiling. Morgues, road traffic accidents, violent incidents, public buildings, public rooms, accidents.

Animal Hygiene:
Effective against: Paro virus, Feline Panlenkopenia, Calicivirus.
Use on kennel floors, walls, ceilings, tables, runs, walkways, door handles, doors.

Food Industry:
Use on dispensing nozzles, vending nozzles, pipework, containers, chopping boards, utensils. Ideal as a sanitising rinse for crockery and cutlery.


What is Versan made of?
Versan is made of a stabilised aqueous solution of sodium hypochlorite.

Hypochlorites are known to be unstable. Is Versan any different?
Yes. The purification process during the manufacture of Versan reduces the effect of heavy metal ions, which would normally act as a catalyst to chemically break down many hypochlorites, causing instability. Therefore accurate levels of available chlorine can be obtained with Versan.

Hypochlorite is bleach, which is toxic. Is Versan toxic also?
No. As stated above, toxicity in hypochlorites is due to the by-product of their decomposition, sodium chlorate. Versan therefore decomposes into water and a small amount of sodium chloride (salt).

What are the main properties of Versan?

It is known that Versan can be used as a disinfecting agent, but can it sterilise?
Versan will chemically sterilise as long as the requirements for chemical sterilisation with hypochlorites are carried out. These are: ( a ) Scrupulous attention to the pre-cleaning process for the item to be sterilised. ( b ) Stability of the active agent. ( c ) That the article to be sterilised is of a material compatible with hypochlorite and is so constructed that it can be cleaned properly and liquid can flow over all surfaces.

Will Versan have the same effect as bleach on a work surface?
No. Bleaches are usually concentrated to between 5 and 10% and can contain thick detergents to withstand rinsing and flushing. They are dangerous to handle at this concentration. They will leave chemicals behind on the surface which will chemically contaminate and taint food. The bleach may also harm the work surface. Although Versan is less concentrated, it will still have the same germ killing effect as bleach.


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