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  • How To Clean Interior Windows Easily

    Best Practice for Interior Window Cleaning Here at One Stop we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the cleaning industry and cleaning products, which is exactly why we strive to give you the best advice when it comes to cleaning. Do you ever wonder w…

  • Stay Safe Using Cleaning Equipment

    Best Practice for Health and Safety using Cleaning Equipment Once we have sold a piece of equipment to a customer we want to be sure that they can continue to use it safely & effectively, that's why we advise our customers to always have training…

  • Top Quality Products at Great Prices: Take the Tour with One Stop Cleaning Shop

    This week we give you a tour of our online store, detailing some of the products we sell that can make a huge difference to your cleaning regime whether it is industrial or domestic. So come with us and see what great products – and great prices  

  • High Street Dry Cleaners Help Unemployed: Timpson Agrees to Clean Interview Clothes for Free!

    Job interviews are an experience which most people find tough, particularly those who have been unemployed for a while. Being able to represent yourself and get back into work is so important, but having the right attitude isn’t always enough. Look…

  • Award-Winning Karcher Launch Exciting New Product

    Established vacuum cleaner manufacturer Karcher has been given an award as part of the 2014 Innovation Awards during the ISSA/Interclean exhibition in Orlando, Florida. The award, combined with a brand new product, signals a great deal of success in …

  • Survey Says Men Must Clean Up Their Act

    Now we all know that men being bad at cleaning is a bit of a gender stereotype, but don’t take our word for it! A survey conducted by Karcher - found that a huge percentage of housewives consider their husbands to be so poor at tidying up, they wou…

  • Fresh, Clean and Effective

    Ultrafresh Toilet Cleaner The amazing product that is Ultrafresh, not only smells fresh and clean, it does what it says on the bottle, it has an amazing bug kill too, killing MRSA and C Difficile. It can be applied directly into the toilet bowl, or u…

  • How to Manage a Deep Clean without the Stress

    It may be heading towards winter, but this is the perfect time of year to get your house ready for colder months, making it clean and cosy so you can spend the dark autumn evenings inside. This week, we have some handy tips on how to manage the clean…

  • Sweeping made easy

    Karcher KM70/20 I trialled a Karcher KM70/20 sweeper on a school playground this week, with fantastic results, it picked up the leaves, sand and other debris in the playground, cutting down the time spent using a broom, the caretaker also trialled on…

  • Save Hours On Cleaning With These Top Secrets

    The prospect of spending hours cleaning every nook and cranny of a house is one mostly not met with enthusiasm. Deep cleaning, however, needn’t be a hassle as there are every day items around your home that can equal the power of industrial strengh…

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