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Henry Hoover & Friends

Meet Henry Hoover, quite possibly the most famous hoover of them all!  Don’t be fooled by his cute persona because Henry Hoover means business.  Tough, efficient and built to last, the design features of Henry Hoover are second to none. Clean the car, clean the house or clean the office, Henry won’t let you down.  We also sell all of Henry’s friends, Hetty, Harry and James, who cover everything from tricky pet hair to commercial scale cleaning so no matter your needs, we can help!  Take a look at the full range below and don’t forget, Henry and his friends are delivered free of charge, so all you have to do is choose! We also offer Henry Hoover bags and filters as well as Henry Hoover accessories so there’s no need to shop around, we’ve got it all at One Stop Cleaning Shop.

Which is the Best Henry Hoover?

Whilst a difficult question to answer without fully understanding your specific requirements, the original Henry Hoover is probably still the best numatic vacuum for day to day usage. The Henry HVR200 is the original Henry and has seen some upgrades and facelifts over the years, uprgaes to it's energy efficiency makes it one of the best numatic vacuums on the market today. There is also the HVR200M-11 model which is specialliy designed for asthma sufferers.


What Wattage is a Henry Hoover?

Henry Hoover is a 620 watts, 230 volts cylinder vacuum manufactured by Numatic.


What is the Difference Between a Henry and Hetty Hoover?

In short, there is no difference. Performance is the same across both models, Hetty is the younger sister and is designed in a lovely pink colour and some cute eyelashes. Hetty was introduced to the market in 2007 and was aimed at the female audience. The Hetty model range usually mirrors the Henry range with compact versions available in both.


Are Henry Hoovers Good for Pet Hair?

The Henry Hoover is a powerful numatic vacuum which is good for picking up pet hair from cats and dogs. If pet hair is a big concern though, you may want to explore some of the features of the Harry Hoover, the HHR200-11 model comes with a turbo tool specifically for pet hair.

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