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2 x 2m Eco Pole

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Product Description

2 x 2m Eco Pole

Telescopic pole with Standard Nylon Cone.


  • UNGER telescopic poles allow you to work safely reaching up to 10 m height, while standing on the ground.
  • The UNGER Locking Cone ensures safer operation, since the tools lock in place and cannot drop.
  • Most accidents with ladders are caused by wrong handling, and not their damage.
  • Always check whether cleaning from the ground is a safe option. If not, discuss safe alternatives and corresponding costs with your client.
  • Always insist on safe working conditions. Do not risk your life just because the client does not accept certain services!
  • Always choose the safest way. Ladders should not automatically be first choice simply due to convenience.
  • Ladders become extremely unsafe under certain conditions: Rain makes the ground slippery; uneven ground or contaminations can result in tilting, or even falling.


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