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Alto Type 22 Vaccum for Explosive Dusts

Product Code: 791-2MB1

791-2MB1 Vacuum Cleaner for Explosive Dusts Type 22/B1

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Product Description

Many dusts such as flour, fine sugars, starch whey powder, chocolate powder are known as explosive risks. When mixed with copious quantities of oxygen as a cloud these dusts only require a simple ignition to produce absolutely devastating results. If collected by a conventional vacuum cleaner during the cleaning process the vacuum cleaner is in danger of exploding. Standard vacuum cleaners can create sparks because they do not dissipate the static charge that is naturally accumulated when dusts are collected they have carbon brush motors which are a source of ignition. The 791-2MB1 industrial health & safety vacuum cleaner is specifically designed for the safe collection of explosive dusts. Another feature of this machine is that is has a filtration level suited to dusts of class M - meaning that the filter prevents 99.9% of dusts with OEL (Occupational Exposure Limits) of >0.1mg per cubic metre e.g. wood dust or MDF from re-entering the atmosphere.
This machine has a capacity of 70L. Comes c/w 3.5m x 27mm dust extraction hose. Please remember to order a floor cleaning kit if required.
Features & Benefits:
• ATEX Approval for work with explosive dusts
• Work safely in ATEX Type 22 environments containing explosive dust.
• Washable M-Class PET Fleece filter element
• Easy and economical maintenance
• Tilt or Lift-Out container emptying. The 70 litre stainless steel container can be easily tilted in the frame or lifted off for emptying.
• Auto On/Off - In combination with electric tools in auto mode the machine starts and stops automatically when you start or stop the power tool.
• Speed governor - To reduce suction performance and to prevent the power tools sticking to the working surface.
• Silent operation - A very quiet machine for a comfortable working environment.
• AntiStatic feature - A conductive discharge link between the vacuum inlet fitting and earth. The conductive hose and fittings prevents sparks or shocks.
• SoftStart - A gentle motor start-up reduces the starting current for easy starting on limited electrical systems.


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