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Save Hours On Cleaning With These Top Secrets

Saving-timeThe prospect of spending hours cleaning every nook and cranny of a house is one mostly not met with enthusiasm. Deep cleaning, however, needn’t be a hassle as there are every day items around your home that can equal the power of industrial strengh cleaners. We have a look at some helpful tips to make the usually arduous task that little bit easier...

Secret Ingredients

There are loads of products around that are perfect for various types of cleaning. Vinegar has always been cited as a magic cleaning ingredient and can be used to spruce up dirty dishwashers and, mixed with water, can be used to clean glass without leaving streaks. Another ingredient which is purely natural and can be a powerful cleaner is lemon juice, which can be mixed with baking powder to remove tough mildew in the bathroom.

Little Additions

There are a few small changes you can make to your cleaning routine that can make a huge difference to how often you have to clean. Rubbish bins, for instance, can cause horrible odours but with a little baking soda and some layers of old newspaper at the bottom, smells and leaks are absorbed and neutralised. Even your favourite soda can be utilised for cleaning! A can of Coca Cola contains phosphoric acid which is great for removing rust stains and can be used to freshen up your toilet bowl.

Kid Proof Cleaning

If you have kids, then you know the mess they can leave in their wake as they explore the world. If you have creative kids who tend to leave crayon drawings all over the house, these can be removed using milk straight from the fridge! Or if you are finding sticker glue hard to get rid of, eucalyptus oil is a great help in buffing away the mark.

For other components of that deep clean, such as floor polishing or resistant upholstery stains, there are machines available to tackle even the toughest jobs. We have a big selection available at One Stop Cleaning Shop in a range of styles at great prices.

8 thoughts on “Save Hours On Cleaning With These Top Secrets”

  • Kim

    Very interesting advices. I've never thought to use a lemon juice in cleaning, after all I do my salads with it. Now I realize that I already have affordable and natural cleaning product in my own house. I will try these tips. Thanks!

    • admin

      Glad you liked our post! Lemon juice is actually a brilliant cleaner as the acid cuts through grease and grime like a dream! Might require more elbow grease but it is healthier to use than a lot of cleaners! Maybe you'd be interested in our updated green cleaner blog post http://www.onestopcleaningshop.co.uk/blog/clean-using-natural-green-cleaners/

  • Kelly Dilan

    Vinegar for cleaning? What a wonderful idea! My son has allergies to some of the ingredients of the usual cleaning products, so the vinegar sounds like a great solution. Thank you a lot!

    • admin

      There are many fantastic green cleaners available, meaning you don't have to use store bought products with potentially harmful chemicals inside! We have a new, updated blog post on green cleaners which may be of even more use to you as your son has allergies! Let us know how you get on! http://www.onestopcleaningshop.co.uk/blog/clean-using-natural-green-cleaners/

  • Diana Delmar

    I don't like the common toxic cleaners on the market and that is why I decided to make a little research on some homemade recipes. I found out that the white vinegar and the lemon juice are incredible if we want to get rid of the germs at home. I have tried a lot of cleaning recipes with white vinegar and lemon juice and I must say that they all work so well! I haven't buy a detergent for two years!

    • admin

      Thanks for letting us know on your success with vinegar and lemon juice! It's great to know someone is benefiting from these environmentally friendly cleaners! We have an updated post on other green cleaners if you are interested. There might be more tips and tricks to help you clean! http://www.onestopcleaningshop.co.uk/blog/clean-using-natural-green-cleaners/ Let us know how you get on!

  • Daisy Abbott

    I still can't decide which one of these two amazing green cleaners is better. Probably the vinegar, because I know more recipes with it. Thank you for sharing!

    • admin

      I'm glad you found our post helpful! We have a new, updated blog post on how to clean with green cleaners! Maybe some of these will be helpful for you also? Let us know how you get on! http://www.onestopcleaningshop.co.uk/blog/clean-using-natural-green-cleaners/

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