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Environmentally Friendly Paper Products

More and more people are wishing to buy paper which is environmentally friendly however there are still too many theories to say exactly what paper is the kindest to our environment. So please see below the 3 most popular options available which might help you decide which you believe is best for our environment.

Option 1 - 100% Recycled Tissue

This is commonly considered to be the best for our environment if it is genuinely 100% recycled with no added dyes. However a 100% recycled paper without dye is a nasty looking brown coloured paper which very rarely gets accepted by the end user. Therefore most 100% recycled paper has a dye added to it which in some people’s opinion is not right either. Recycled paper is often less biodegradable than pure as well.

Option 2 - 100% Pure Pulp Paper

In most cases this will be the best looking product and the most biodegradable option as well.Many people do not considered 100% pure pulp to be the most environmentally friendly option because trees are cut down to produce it. However, our paper mills plant 3 replacement trees for every one they cut down. Making pure paper more than sustainable

Option 3 - Pure / Recycled Mixed Paper

This is a tissue which is commonly made up of 70-80% pure pulp and the remainder of recycled. This way many people believe that you get the best of both of both worlds. You get a partly recycled product which most people like however because most of the tissue is made up of pure pulp you still get a bright paper that is nice in appearance meaning that less or no dye is used.

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