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Keyboard Cleaning Kit

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Product Description

Keyboard Cleaning Kit

This keyboard cleaning kit has been made specifically to tackle any cleaning problem that may arise in an office, at home, or any environment where there may be a computer.  The cleaning kit is remarkable at getting rid of small pieces of dust and dirt that over time can clog sections of a computer keyboard, or a computer hard drive.  This kit consists of:

  • A can of air duster 

  • 20 cotton buds

  • A feather duster

  • Antibacterial surface wipes

The can of air is remarkable at removing pieces of dust and dirt that have clogged vents within the computer hard drive, as well as dislodging dirt under the keys of the keyboard. The cotton buds are effective at cleaning between the keys of the keyboard, and like the air, can get rid of pieces of dirt caught between the keys. The antibacterial surface wipes are great at killing listeria, E. Coli, and salmonella and are to be used on a mouse, the desk, and the keys of the keyboard as these are the areas that are touched most frequently, and harbour the most germs.  And lastly the feather duster is also for use on cleaning in between the keys of the keyboard and combatting any dirt lying under the keys.

Office Computer Cleaning Set

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