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Lagune Non-slip Mats for Wet Areas 2sqm

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Product Description

Shower Mat Tiles are non slip and can be fixed together to fit any shape or size of shower. Water drains through and beneath the tiles. Bacterial resistant. Supplied as 1 pack of 50 tiles (approx 2 sq.m). Lagune Shower Mat tiles can be used inside and/or outside your shower. They are easily interlocked by hand without the need for tools. Features and Benefits: A: Lagune is an interlocking modular mat for wet areas, the ultimate in comfort. B: Non slip knobs on the surface of the mat provide a comfortable cushion for bare feet. C: Self draining construction leaves safe and dry surface D: Soft vinyl resists most chemicals and oils E: Bacterial resistant. Treated with an anti-bacterial additive for protection against the growth of mould, mildew, fungi and odour causing germs. F: Lagune prevents the development and growth of bacteria and resists body oils and chemicals. G: May be rolled up for maintenance. Easy to handle H: Clean by mopping or hosing down Suitable for: •Showers •Toilets •Spas •Saunas •Around swimming pools Specifications: Material: Soft vinyl, resists most chemicals and oils Module size: 20 x 20cm Weight: 4.1kg / sq.m Height: 9mm Pack size: 50 modules / case (approx 2 sq.m) Bacterial resistance: No growth Temperature resistance: -35C to +70C


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