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VCN1804 Flat Mopping Kit Trolley

Product Code: VCN1804FMK

758597 - trol 627748 - bks press & buckets 629339 - frame mop & handle

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£511.55 (£426.29 exc VAT)

Product Description

This is the largest janitorial trolley in our range. With this version we are supplying a flat mop kit including 2 mop buckets - 1 that contains the dirty water that has been mopped up from the floor & the other holds your clean water. This keeps your clean water cleaner for longer. Also included is a flat mop, the comfort grip mop handle & the flat mop press. This trolley has a waste sack holder on the back which can hold 1 sack or 2 for those of you that collect recycled material as well as standard waste. The middle section has 3 wide shelf compartments for storing trigger sprays, cans of polish & cleaning cloths. On top level are 4 x 6L pails for holding wiping solutions or simply as more storage. This trolley is fitted with 8" heavy duty super quiet castors that are suited to variety of surfaces including concrete & tarmac. On this version we have left the front of the trolley bear so that you can use it to transport a vacuum cleaner, paper products etc.


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