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VCN1804 Pre-Dosed Flat Mop Trolley Comp.

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758597 - trol 629113 - buckets & jug 629199 - 10 mops pocket heads 629337 - mop frame & handle

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Product Description

This large trolley has been specifically produced for the healthcare sector where preventing cross contamination is a priority. With this version we are supplying a pre-dosed flat mopping kit. The blue bucket on the front of the trolley stores the supplied 10 flat mops. Your cleaning solution is poured into this bucket & the special irrigation fins inside the bucket get each & every mop dosed & ready to use. The dosed mop is then removed from the bucket, fitted onto the mop frame. The mop is then used to clean the floor & once dirty is deposited into the red bucket ready for laudering. This prevents cross contamination between wards or areas. The mop is made of microfibre which is incredibly effective at removing dirt & even bacteria from the floor. This trolley also has a waste sack holder on the back which can hold 1 sack or 2 for those of you that collect recycled material as well as standard waste. The middle section has 3 wide shelf compartments for storing trigger sprays, cans of polish & cleaning cloths. On top level are4 x 6L pails for holding wiping solutions or simply as more storage. This trolley is fitted with 8" heavy duty super quiet castors that are suited to variety of surfaces including concrete & tarmac.


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