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1L Micro Clean Digester

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Dealt with a vomit stain left in my carpet that nothing else would touch

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Micro Clean Odour Digester

This simple to use biological cleaner contains many different strains of specially selected micro organisms that produce enzymes which degrade all types of organic soiling and the removal of bodily fluids, fats as well as many others. This is the 1 litre bottle of Micro Clean. To use this product:

  1. Dilute 1:1 with tepid water and sponge onto any area that has been contaminated by urine, vomit, blood, milk, faeces or urine.
  2. Get a tea towel, dampen it with some of the Micro Clean and drape the tea towel over the stain/spillage. Once applied you can walk away and let the friendly bacteria do the work. 
  3. The friendly bacteria will continue to munch away at the stain and the odour as long as the conditions are right so dont let the area dry out and try to keep the area warm. Bacteria thrive as long as there is food, warmth and moisture.
  4. When the stain and malodour has gone simply pour any made up product down the drain. It is eco-friendly and will also help to keep the drain fresh and running freely. 
  5. Let the area dry out naturally.

Biological Cleaner

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