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TGB4045 18" Battery Scrubber Dryer Numatic

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Numatic TGB4045 18″ Battery Scrubber Dryer

This TTB4045 Numatic TwinTec 24V battery model is a great commercial scrubber dryer.

Features and Benefits:

  • Tilting structofoam brush deck
  • Polyform tanks
  • Sealed gel batteries
  • Built in battery charger
  • TwinFlo wet pick up vacuum system
  • Geared brush drive heavy duty
  • Stainless steel chassis
  • Quick brush changes quick and simple due to the tilt mechanism
  • 40 litre clean and dirty water polyform tanks
  • TwinFlo vacuum motor that provides exceptional wet pick up
  • Heavy duty brush motor
  • Adjustable operator handle
  • Nutronic controls soft touch
  • Extending and flexible filling hose
  • Built- in meter hours
  • Oil filled, low load, planetary gearbox gives maximum power transmission direct to the floor.
  • Full range of brush and pad drive systems
  • On-board charging

112cm x 60 cm x 116.5cm weight 153kg

Simply call us on 0117 3051980 or email us on [email protected] to arrange a suitable day/time.

This battery-operated 18 inch scrubber dryer from Numatic is one of the most popular scrubber dryers in the world. The operator chooses when & how much of this solution is fed down through the heavy-duty scrubbing brush on the front of the machine. The rotation of the brush gently pulls the machine along making the cleaning process practically effortless. At the rear of the machine, a curved vacuumated squeegee collects the slurry & deposits it into the 40L waste tank. When you have finished the task simply remove the 2 recovery tanks from the top of the machine & pour the dirty water away. This latest Twintec model is more manoeuvrable than ever having a tighter turning circle especially important in more confined areas. This machine will hold up to 30L of cleaning solution. It comes complete with a polypropylene 18inch scrubbing brush. You can expect a run time of around 2.25-3 hours from this machine & a recharge time of 8-10 hours. The batteries are 100ah maintenance-free (i.e. no need to top up with distilled water) & to charge the machine you simply park the machine next to a conveniently placed point & plug it in!

Capacity 40L
Brush Motor 300W
Vacuum Motor 400W
Deck 450mm
Brush 450mm
Pad 400mm
Brush Speed 100rpm
Weight (RTU) 165kg
Power 2 x 12V (24V 100Ah)
Runtime 2.25 hrs
Recharge Time 8 hrs
Dimensions 470 x 1070 x 1160mm