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Numatic TTB1840G Battery Scrubber Dryer Older Version

  • 1 Battery = 45 Mins Run Time
  • 6 hour Charge Time
  • Limited Stock Available
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Numatic Twintech Battery TTB1840G Scrubber Dryer

This is the older version of the latest model TTB1840NX

This machine is cheaper than the newer version but the run time of the machine is less & the charge time is more.

This machine will run for 45 minutes & will take 6 hours to charge (the newer model will run for one hour & takes one hour to charge).

This Numatic twintech TTB1840G battery floorcare machine has been made to reduce the size of the machine but also to maximise the handling and performance.
This Numatic machine offers remarkable freedom as it is cable-free, and it can, therefore, reach areas and places that other machines simply can’t. This TTB1840 machine has low-level noise and an unobtrusive design making it fit in well at home as well as commercial environments such as: hospitals, clinics, cafeterias, restaurants, offices, bank and hotel lobbies as well as many more. It has a cleaning width of 400mm and a clean water capacity of 18L.

Ease Of Use:
The TTB1840 is very simple to operate and requires very little training to use. All the controls on the machine are very intuitive, the machine is very lightweight and therefore a pleasure to manoeuvre, even in confined spaces. The smaller size of this machine makes it very easy to navigate around even some of the narrowest of walkways. The removal of the power cable in favour of battery power means that there is less time spent unhooking the mains cable when it gets snagged and more time spent simply getting on with the job.  The worry of knocking items off shelving with the trailing power cable is also removed

Up To The Edge:
The brush on the machine is slightly offset to one side allowing edges to be tackled with ease, the squeegee blades also follow very close to the brush and pivot to follow the direction of travel, and this means that wastewater is recovered even during very tight turns

The Battery:
From a single charge, you will generally see 45 minutes of non-stop cleaning, this is plenty of time to take on most tasks. If however, you need a longer cleaning window a second battery pack is available that will double your cleaning time.

Quicker & More Effective:
The TTB1840 offers an effective clean in a single pass; this is a great improvement over the normally slow process of cleaning associated with a mop and bucket.
The TTB1840 incorporates internal solution and recovery tanks, as well as a rotary cleaning deck, this means that on each pass of an area the machine dispenses clean solution, scrubs it into the floor then recovers the dirty solution leaving the floor dry enough to walk on. This means that unlike mopping dirty water is always kept separate from freshwater and that there is very rarely any need to go over an area more than once.
As only clean solution is applied to the floor and then thoroughly recovered by the internal vacuum the cleaning results achieved by the TTB1840 are often far better than those achieved with a mop and bucket, it also saves a great deal of time.

Free Demonstration Of This Machine In The UK

If you would like to have a free no-obligation demonstration of this machine, anywhere in the UK, then simply call us on 0117 3051980 or email us on to arrange a suitable day and time.

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  • Brush motor power – 400 W
  • Vacuum Motor Power – 300 W
  • Power – 24V
  • Run time – .45 mins for single battery 1.5Hrs for twin battery
  • Capacity – 18 L
  • Scrub Width – 400 mm
  • Weight – 52 kg
  • Flow – .35 L/min
  • Speed – 150 rpm
  • Dimensions – 850 x 1132 x 430