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Vileda Large Safety Floor Mopping Kit

  • Complete Mopping Kit
  • Large Capacity for Bigger Areas
  • Includes Five 100% Microfibre Mops
£ 139.95 (Excl VAT) £ 167.94 (incl VAT)

Vileda Large Safety Floor Mopping Kit

Faster, cleaner, easier

This Complete Large Vileda Ultraspeed Mopping Kit is a professional and simple mopping system that revolutionises floor cleaning.

The kit comes with a 25L bucket which is on a wheeled base, meaning you can bring the bucket anywhere with ease as you aren’t having to carry heavy water. As well as that, it comes with a mop frame, five microfibre mop heads, an aluminium handle, plus a 5L bottle of UBIK2000 and a drump pump head.

The use of a microfibre mop head means that floors will dry faster as it doesn’t aborb more water than you need to clean with.

This Vileda Ultraspeed mopping kit is so simple to use that anyone can use it without the need for training. The press wrings out more water than traditional presses, which means that floors will dry faster and can be back in use quicker, which is vital for high traffic areas. As well as that, the unique trip fastening means there is no need to remove the mop to wring excess water out. The system easily covers all your cleaning requirements, and the 25L bucket means that you can clean the area in one go. The mops and frames are versatile and can be used to clean floors, skirting boards, walls, staircases and ceilings. The bucket is made from Polypropylene which makes it very strong but light.

Product Benefits

  • The fastest bucket and press microfibre mopping system
  • Able to clean over 750 m2 per hour in a single step or 360 m2 two step process
  • Fast wringing – simple to use and twice as fast
  • Efficient press – releases up to 50 % more water
  • Floors dry faster & reduce slip hazards
  • Hygienic & no hand contact with mops or cleaning solution
  • Easy to use – no training required
  • Ergonomic & lightweight, no bending to wring

Kit Contents:

  • Vileda Ultraspeed 25L Mop Bucket/Wringer (on a removable castor base)
  • Vileda Ultraspeed Mop Head Frame
  • Vileda Ultraspeed Aluminium Handle
  • Vileda Ultraspeed Safety Floor Scratchy Mop Head
  • Vileda Ultraspeed Microlite Mop Pad x 4
  • Clover Chemicals UBIK2000 (5L)
  • Drum Pump (dispenses 30ml)