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Do you need a Scrubber Dryer, Scrubber or Polisher?

The world of machines and what they each do can be a complicated one, so we have compiled this information to make your job, of choosing what machine you need, much easier.

Why Choose a Scrubber Dryer?

Numatic TTB4045 Scrubber Dryer

Scrubber dryers are faster than all other methods of floor cleaning, so are especially suited to large areas that need to be scrubbed or mopped on a regular basis.


  • Mopping 100mof floor with a Kentucky mop is estimated to take 15 minutes.  

  • Scrubbing then wet vacuuming 100mwill take 32 minutes.  

  • Cleaning with a 24" scrubber dryer will take only 7 minutes.

If your floor gets really dirty then scrubber dryers will always get your floor much cleaner than a mop. This is because they suck the water and dirt from the floor, leaving the floor dry and clean, often in one pass.

Scrubber dryers are safer as leaving a wet floor could cause a slip hazard. Scrubber dryers should leave a smooth floor bone dry. In addition to the safety hazard, your client is likely to be much happier if more of their site is accessible, i.e. not cordoned whilst it dries.


If you are interested in our range of scrubber dryers click here.


Why Choose a Scrubber and Wet Vacuum Cleaner? 

Charles Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner CVC370-2

Choose a scrubber and wet vacuum cleaner if your floor is really dirty but the area is too confined for a scrubber dryer.

Also, choose a scrubber and a wet vacuum cleaner if the equipment needs to be lifted upstairs or transported in a vehicle that does not have a ramp or tail lift.


To view our range of wet vacuum cleaners click here.


Why Choose a Floor Polisher?

If your client wants the floor to have a glossy appearance, then using a floor polisher will only enhance this.

Choose a floor polisher if your floor is pretty clean and you are trying to remove light spillages and scuff marks, rather than ingrained dirt and grease.


To view our range of floor polishers and scrubbers for small areas click here.

Numatic NLL332 Floor Polisher and Scrubber

To view our range of floor polishers and scrubbers for large areas click here.


Do you need a Battery or Mains Operated Machine?

Once you have decided on the machine that you require, you will then need to decide on whether you need a battery or mains operated machine.

Choose a Battery machine if:

  • Using a cable may cause a trip hazard.

  • A mains cable may get caught around obstacles and furniture.

  • You have no easy access to a 240v socket in the area that needs to be cleaned.

Choose a Mains operated machine if:

Numatic TTB4045 Underside Brush Pad
  • You don't have to meet any of the criteria above.

  • You have a restricted budget.

  • You need to use the machine more than 3-4 hours per day. All battery machines have a limited run time. Whereas mains are always unlimited.

Do you need a Brush or a Pad?

When buying a scrubber dryer, a rotary scrubber, or a floor polisher, you will need to make sure you have the right brush or floor pad to suit your building and floor type.

When to choose a Brush?

Choose a brush when your floor has deep grout lines, or a raised/uneven profile. E.g. profile ceramic or porcelain, riven slate rubber penny flooring. The bristles will penetrate into the troughs of the floor and work around the peaks, cleaning all parts. If you use a pad drive and a floor pad it will simply skim over the top, cleaning only the peaks.

When to choose a Pad Drive and Floor Pad?

Red Twister Pad

Choose a pad drive and floor pad whenever your floor is smooth, and more importantly does not undulate. E.g. vinyl, marble, laminate, parquet, even floor boards and terrazzo. We also recommend using a pad on the types of safety floor that feel like 100-180 grit sand paper. If the safety floor is very rough feeling, more like 40 or 60 grit sandpaper, then a brush would be better.


To view our range of brushes and pads click here.


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