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As the perfect companion for Henry, our range of Henry Hoover bags have everything you need to keep Henry and friends in full working order.  By using genuine Henry parts, you can be sure what goes in, stays in, with no risk of mess or filter blockages. Plus using our Henry Hoover bags, it gives an extra layer of filtration therefore, improving suction and lifespan of your Henry Hoover.  The Henry Hoover paper dust bags are compatible with all Henry’s, Hetty, Harry & James so there’s no need to shop around, we’ve got you covered at the One Stop Cleaning Shop.  We also stock the Hepaflo NVM 1CH and the NRV200 Dust Bags, plus, another bestseller from the Numatic family, the 3BH Hepaflo Bags.  Ordering is quick and easy but if you’d prefer to speak to someone then just call our friendly team.

Do Henry Hoovers Need Bags?

Yes, a Henry Hoover requires a bag. If you don’t use a bag, it could damage your hoover and may void your warranty or insurance. Using Henry Hoover bags that are specifically designed for your hoover will keep your Henry working at his best, protecting the filter and helping it to last longer. Using Henry Hoover Bags also makes cleaning your hoover a lot less messy. 

How To Change Henry Hoover Bags

Changing Henry Hoover bags is simple.

  • First thing to do is pull out the clips from the Henry Head, then take out the pre-motor filter. This should be replaced once every six months if you are using your Henry on a daily basis.

  • Next, remove the bag and put the new bag in over the connectors, making sure that the bag placed all the way in.

  • Lastly, put the pre-motor filter back on and replace the head by securing the clips.

You shouldn’t wait for your Henry Hoover Bags to fill up before replacing them as it can put strain on your hoover and could reduce longevity of your hoover.

Reusable Henry Hoover Bags

We stock reusable Henry Hoover bags at One Stop Cleaning Shop. Our reusable bags means that you won’t need to keep repurchasing and could help to save you money in the long run. Our reusable Henry Hoover bags are designed for use with the James hoover and are recommended for those who carry out large scale or commercial cleaning.

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