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Waterhog Elite Interior Mat 61 x 89cm

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Product Description

The Eco door mat fabric is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and the backing made from recycled tyres. Bi level mat that is hard wearing and great at stopping dirt at the door. Embossed with recycled logo in one corner. Waterhog Eco Elite mats are the most ecologically friendly mats in our range. As with our Waterhog Classic entrance mats, they have a bi-level design to trap dirt and water, but Eco Elite mats have a unique herring bone pattern with a recycled symbol in the corner of the mat and a 25% heavier pile. Waterhog Eco gives you even more scraping, wiping and trapping action for the most punishing conditions. REQUEST A MAT SAMPLE How are they Ecologically Friendly?: A: The mat face is made from 100% post consumer recycled drinks bottles. B: Each square foot of a Waterhog Eco mat eliminates 4 half litre drinks bottles from going into landfill. A 3x5 mat will therefore recycle approximately 60 drinks bottles. C: The rubber backing made from 15% post consumer rubber tyres. The durability of the mat is compromised above this figure. D: The mat is guaranteed to last in high traffic environments for at least 5 years. Therefore fewer mats themselves end up in landfill and fewer replacement mats need to be manufactured. E: Waterhog mats stop dirt and water from entering a building and thus save on associated cleaning costs and chemicals used for cleaning. Features and Benefits: A. Ridged construction effectively removes and traps dirt and moisture below shoe level, preventing it from being tracked further into the building. No other mat in the industry does this as effectively as a Waterhog. B. Exclusive rubber-reinforced face nubs prevent pile from crushing to maintain high performance and extend product life. This means you won't have the unsightly 'worn path' appearance through the centre of the mat. C. 100% post consumer recycled PET polyester reclaimed from drinks bottles. 25% heavier than Waterhog Classic. D. Anti-static. This means that Waterhog mats are safe for use in computer rooms and around electronic equipment. E. SBR rubber with 15% post consumer recycled tyres. Gripper backing keeps mats in place. F. Water dam retains up to 6.5 litres of water per square metre, preventing the water from flowing off the mat and minimising damage to your surrounding floors and carpets. G. Certified Slip Resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute Specifications: Face: Moulded reinforced textile. Yarn: Solution dyed recycled PET 100% Mat Height: 10 mm Face weight: Heavy 30 oz/sq.yd Backing: SBR Rubber, 15% rubber tyres Size variation: +/- 2% Cleaning your mat Cleaning is easy! Simply use a vacuum cleaner / extraction cleaner or hose down / pressure wash Waterhog mats with water and hang to dry. They’re tough mats, so you could also use a stiff brush if that helps. Further Information: Not recommended for use in areas exposed to grease or petroleum products. When purchasing a mat ensure that you have sufficient clearance underneath any door that needs to pass over the top.


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