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About Us

At One Stop Cleaning Shop, our family business values guarantees that we strive to deliver an efficient and high-quality service to our customers.

Over the course of nearly 60 years, we have built quality relationships with our customers and have served a staggering number of businesses across the United Kingdom.

One Stop Cleaning Shop hold thousands of floor cleaning products, industrial cleaning equipment, floor scrubbers plus a huge range of branded cleaning chemicals and solutions for commercial and janitorial office cleaning. We will exactly match your requirements to the cleaning products and equipment required to best suit your cleaning requirements. We also offer free advice for cleaning carpeted floors, wooden floors and stone floors; we also recommend the best product suited to your needs.


We open for business

We started trading at the beginning of the swinging 60’s. In this decade & the next we had 4 different retail shops in Bristol. Building up a great reputation selling & repairing Hoover Juniors, washing machines & fridges. We were called Avon Services because the River Avon was at the end of our road & we based our business on excellent service.


One of the first distributors for Numatic

In 1971 we became one of the first distributors for Numatic International in the country & began selling their steel cased vacuums to the trade. Can you believe we still have spares for these in stock today! Although I am not sure the last time we had any 43 year old vacuums in for repair. Actually I have just checked our repair sheet & we had one in last month that was 32 years old!


Henry is born

Numatic International, the inventor of Henry, had already been producing vacuums for 12 years when Henry was born in 1981. By the year of his birth we had already been trading for 20 years but Henry was a welcome addition to the family of domestic appliances we were already selling. Little did we know that Henry Hoover was destined to become the iconic face of vacuums in the UK.


220 Henrys sold = SUSPENSION BRIDGE (75M HIGH)

The most iconic view of Bristol, our home city, is the Clifton Suspension Bridge designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. If we stacked up the total number of Henrys we had sold by 1986 then they would reach from the River Avon at the bottom of the Avon Gorge up to the famous suspension bridge.


529 Henrys sold = THE GHERKIN (180M HIGH)

By 1989 we were based in 3 retail units on Redcliffe Hill in Bristol. By then we were well established as the expert in cleaning supplies in Bristol. We were still supplying householders but more of our work was with Bristol city council, local schools & contract cleaners.


1120 Henrys sold = EMPIRE STATE (381M HIGH)

As our business grew so did the depth of our knowledge. Through the 90’s & the 00’s we gathered more & more experience demonstrating cleaning equipment, providing advice & training to our customers so that we became their preferred supplier. We relished (& still relish) the challenge of solving our customers’ cleaning problems. If there is a stain they can’t get out of a carpet, a floor that is dull or dirty or a persistent malodour coming from a urinal we are the people to ask. We were becoming the One Stop Cleaning Shop.


26,023 Henrys sold = EVEREST (8848M HIGH)

By 2009 our website the One Stop Cleaning Shop was launched & we had moved into warehouse premises with loads of parking & a large trade counter. Our sales on Henrys increased from selling a few hundred per year to sometimes selling 50+ a day. We coped with this incredible period of growth by carefully recruiting a fantastic team & investing money & time in getting the right software & processes in place.

2017 – present

Over 65,000 Henrys sold = 22,500M HIGH

That’s enough Henrys to reach the top of Everest & back down again!

In 2017 our business is based on selling cleaning equipment, cleaning chemicals & disposable products all around the country. Whether you are the housekeeper in a royal household, a school caretaker, a facilities manager or a homeowner we pride ourselves in providing the right products at the right price with the best possible advice.