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Cobi 18 Autonomous Floor Scrubber

  • RunTime >2hrs
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Long Lifetime Battery
£ 17,950.00 (Excl VAT) £ 21,540.00 (incl VAT)

Cobi 18 Autonomous Floor Scrubber

Cobi 18 is a autonomous scrubber for hard flooring surfaces. It’s compact design, with an 18.8 inch cleaning path, makes it ideal for cleaning in tight spaces.

It cleans all the way to the edge due to side brushes that extend just beyond the perimeter of the machine—helping reduce detail work.

The navigation system is built to safely scan the environment and quickly react to people and structures. The sophisticated navigation system has been designed so Cobi 18 can operate around mirrors and windows without issue.

Cobi 18 has been purposely designed to excel at scrubbing all types of hard floors.

Key features include:

  • “One charge, one fill” for 90 to 120 minutes of scrubbing
  • Compact and nimble, optimized for tighter spaces and “close to edge” cleaning
  • Squeegee and optional dry mop attachment to help ensure dry floors
  • Minimal daily maintenance with a dual tank that is easy to empty, clean, and re-fill
  • Side brushes and a hopper to help collect light debris

Benefits of an autonomous cleaner:

  • Increase cleaning frequency
  • Maintain consistent cleaning routes
  • Offload repetitive cleaning tasks from cleaning staff
  • Use data to improve performance over time
  • Ensure safety with cameras, sensors and alerts that will avoid people and obstacles

Simplicity Enabled:

  • Custom Routes – Allows users to create a custom route one time and Cobi18 will navigate the route with a click of a button each time thereafter.
  • Auto-Fill – Allows users to trace a perimiter and Cobi18 will automatically scrub the interior. Cobi18 enables you to get more done in less time.
  • Multiple Routes – Allows users to run multiple mapped routes in a row without having to restart Cobi18 in between routes.
  • Scheduled Starts – Schedule Cobi18 ahead of time. Once scheduled it will run on its own making cleaning possible even when businesses are closed.
  • Manual Mode – Cobi18 can be used in manual mode for immediate floor cleaning situations that arise. Simple raise the handle, push the start button, and push the scrubber over the spill.

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Dimensions LxWxH cm : 48 x 48 (body) x 70 / 48 x 50 (sqg) x 70
Weight incl. battery kg : 55
Battery charging time hours : 3
Runtime per charge hours : eco 2/max 1.5
Recovery tank capacity litre : 11
Solution tank capacity liter : 10
Hopper capacity liter :0.4
Cleaning path cm : 48
Productivity rate m2 /hour : 800 (projected)
Speed km/hour : 1.8 (autonomous)
Side brush diameter cm : 2 x ø10
Main brush size cm : 7 x 33 (cylindrical)
Gradeability % : 2 (autonomous)
Gradeability % : 10 (manual)
Flow rate ml/min. : up to 130
Minimum aisle turn cm : 65 (autonomous)