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It is possible to reduce the amount of plastic waste you create as a commercial or industrial cleaner by opting to use refillable cleaning products, where you use the same containers time and time again in order to reduce the volume of plastic you get through.

Keeping your green cleaning products topped up can involve washing up liquids and hand soaps, right through to floor cleaners and bathroom chemicals. Many of our items such as cloths are also washable ready to use multiple times, while our refillable spray bottles save on waste as they can be topped up rather than using a new bottle every time.

Find out more about our refillable cleaning products by speaking directly to our team or complete a contact form and we will come back to you. Should you require any of our refillable products urgently, then place your order before 3 pm and we will get the goods sent out to you on the Next Working Day. Not only this, you can enjoy FREE delivery if you spend over £75.

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