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How To Clean A Blender

Cleaning Tips 7-Mar-16 | By Nikki


Spring and Summer are on the horizon and many people are getting beach body ready by changing their diets and using blenders for healthy smoothies, either to shift some pounds or because they just taste so good! But how do you clean a blender properly and effectively?

It is the worst thing when you’ve spent ages prepping food for a blender and it takes longer to clean the blender than it did to blend your desired food! You fill the blender up with water and put your arm in to clean off the excess food but can’t reach all the way! The most annoying thing in the world. But how else are you supposed to get it all out? Not even blending water for a couple of minutes can shift the really tough food.

Alas, we have some helpful tips!

Cleaning a Blender


To clean your blender very effectively follow our simple steps:

  1. Fill the blender just over half way with warm water (depending on how soiled the blender is and how high up the soiling is you may need more or less).
  2. Add half a lemon to the water.
  3. Once you have added the lemon, put the lid back on, plug the blender in and turn the blender on.
  4. You want to leave the blender on for about 10 seconds. Depending on how soiled the blender is you may need to leave it on for more or less time.
  5. Pour the water down the drain and leave the blender to dry upside down on a drying rack.

How To Clean A Blender Effectively and Quickly

The reason why this method works so effectively is that the half a lemon helps to rub off and clean the dirt from the blades. As well as that, the acidic properties will help to break down any small pieces of dirt and grim, as well as making the blender smell pleasant.

What is also great about this method is that the water that you pour down the drain is not harmful to the environment as all it contains is warm water and a lemon – it is environmentally friendly!

Now you can use your blender all you like to make smoothies, and you won’t have to worry about how you will clean it afterwards!

If you feel like the lemon might not thoroughly clean the whole inside of the blender, you can also add warm water and dishwash detergent.

Give it a go and let us know how you get on! Alternatively, do you have a tried and tested methods or tips on how to clean a blender? We’d love to know!