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Clean Using Natural, Green Cleaners

Eco-Friendly Cleaning 29-Dec-15 | By Nikki

How To Clean With Natural, Green Cleaners

We all clean regularly using the top cleaning products, but do we actually know what these cleaning products contain? For many of us, we may be immune to any potentially harmful chemicals inside the cleaning products, but for others it could be a different story, as many cleaners can make asthmatics struggle to breathe. But what if there were natural cleaners available that were not as harsh to you and the environment?

Environmentally Friendly Cleaners

There are many pros and cons when it comes to using green cleaners over commercial cleaning products. The biggest con being that green cleaners take a lot of time and effort, as you have to ensure green cleaners are fully rubbed into whatever it is you’re cleaning. Commercial cleaners don’t need to be rubbed in and make cleaning tasks much faster to complete. Whichever cleaning method you decide to use is your choice, but we want to tell you about the types of natural cleaners that you can use.

But remember, just because a product is natural, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gentle. You can damage surfaces with green cleaners, e.g. lemon can fade fabric and leave streaks on untreated wood.

Green Cleaners


Top tip with lemon – to get more juice, cut it in half, then pop into the microwave for 15 seconds. This tip can be used whether you’re cleaning or cooking!

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