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OSCS News 21-Nov-22 | By Steve

Forget about Black Friday… This is GREEN FRIDAY!

This year, we want you to join our sustainable alternative: Green Friday by making sure you’re buying the most eco-friendly versions of our products…

The Black Friday tradition of mass consumption generates a huge amount of waste and pollution every year.

This year we are running our GREEN FRIDAY event from Monday 21st until Midnight on Monday 28th November 2022.

By taking part in our event you’ll be able to use a 10% OFF code for all our Eco-Friendly Range.

This includes everything from Biodegradable Wipes, Plastic-Free Chemicals, and even our Energy-Efficient Vacuums and Scrubbing Machines!

Shop our Green Friday event and check out our eco-friendly range here ♻ and use code: GREEN10 now!

black green friday 2022

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