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I want to clean faux suede

Cleaning Tips 12-Nov-19 | By Nikki

Faux suede is material that many people struggle to clean as they do not know what is friendly enough to be used on it. As faux suede is a microfibre it can be wet cleaned with a mild prespray like Prespray Gold.

1. Dilute 30ml of Prespray Gold per litre of water (1 to 32). Make sure to always pretest carpets, for colour change and texture change, before using chemicals to clean.


2. Do not use water that is too hot as this may distort the nap.


3. Apply diluted solution by suitable sprayer.


4.  Agitate heavily soiled areas with carpet pile brush or upholstery brush and white towel.


5. Follow up with extraction cleaning to pre-treated areas using B109 Fibre & Fabric Rinse. Do not allow pre-treated areas to dry before following up with extraction cleaning.


6. Inspect your hand tool attachment for sharp edges which could mark the fabric. If in doubt, extract through a piece of net curtain.


7. After cleaning, lay the nap all in the same direction with a folded terry towel. Do not allow to dry with the wand marks left in.