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Introducing A World First…

OSCS News 2 weeks ago | By Steve

Dryft Scrubber Dryer…
The world’s first S-Motion Scrubber Dryer

Introducing DRYFT, a breakthrough in floor cleaning technology. With its patented ultra low profile head shape and groundbreaking 4200rpm Scrubbing Technology, DRYFT delivers 100% floor cleaning coverage in half the time.

dryft scrubber dryer

Low Profile
MotorScrubber have designed their own compact, low profile digital motor which allowed them to create the world’s lowest profile scrubber dryer for cleaning underneath partitions as low as 5cm.

Hard-To-Reach Areas
DRYFT‘s patented head shape is the key to its limitless cleaning ability, efficiently cleaning around toilet seats in seconds.

Corner Cleaning
Don’t cut corners, DRYFT them. DRYFT will scrub and dry deep into corners, thanks to the chamfered edges on the cleaning head.

DRYFT is the world’s first S-Motion™ Scrubber Dryer. DRYFT cleans in widths of 160cm whilst you walk forward once, in comparison to other scrubbers that require the user to walk four times up and down to cover this same cleaning width. The result is 75% less walking with DRYFT allowing the user to double their floor cleaning productivity.

dryft scrubber dryer

MotorScrubber DRYFT CLEANS 100m² in just 3.9 minutes.

dryft scrubber dryer

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Check out more information on the Dryft here.


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