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My taps are covered in limescale

Cleaning Tips 12-Nov-19 | By Nikki

If there is a large amount of scale build up around the faucet and the base of the tap, follow these simple steps to remove the limescale:


1. Pour some Scaleit around the base of the tap and leave it for a couple of minutes to react with the scale.


2. Once a couple of minutes have gone by, use a cloth to wipe away the scale from the base of the tap.


3. For combatting scale around the faucet, get a small cup that is large enough to fit around the head of the tap, fill it up with Scaleit, and hold the cup against the faucet, so that the head of the tap is encompassed in Scaleit, hold it there for a few minutes, then remove the cup.


4. Wipe around the head of the tap with a cloth until the scale is completely gone.


5. For detail work around a sink, use a toothbrush, as the bristles can reach narrow areas.


Scaleit is safe for use on procelain, stainless steel, chrome, ceramic and tiled surfaces.


Alternativly, Lance can be used in Kitchen enviroments.