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New Warehouse at One Stop

OSCS News 11-Jan-16 | By Nikki

Welcome to our new warehouse!

As you may know, we are currently in Unit 3 Bedminster Trade Park, but recently we have taken over Unit 1 as well.

Unit 1 is our main warehouse, where we will be keeping all of our stock, and we also have a meeting room over there.

Unit 3 will be used for stock as well, but as Unit 1 is bigger we can store our stock better.

We wanted to keep you updated on how we’ve been getting on thus far…

Later on in the year we will be having an open day where we will also be showing individuals around our premises, but for now here are some images of how the space has changed. The warehouse was first thoroughly cleaned by vacuuming any debris that was left on the floor by some of the work we had done. It was then mopped and scrubbed until it was sparkling.

First the racking went up inside the new space, slowly but surely, and the warehouse started to take shape.

warehouse 8

warehouse 7

warehouse 10warehouse 9 warehouse 11 warehouse 12 WAREHOUSE ONE STOP CLEANING SHOP AVON SERVICES warehouse 14

warehouse 4

The warehouse boys, Dave, Louis and Mark, did a great job of filling the racking with our stock! Nobody is allowed inside the warehouse unless they have a high vis jacket on! This is for health and safety reasons because the forklift is regularly used inside the area, and people might not be as noticeable if they aren’t wearing reflective clothing. As well as that, we now have a safe route for non warehouse people to follow when entering the warehouse.

We are very excited to be up and running in our new space, and we can’t wait for people to come and view it on our open day!

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