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One Stop Donate £1,632 to Worcester Animal Rescue Centre

OSCS News 19-Oct-21 | By Steve

I am really pleased to announce that based on sales through our website, from January to March 2021, we have donated £1,632 to a charity that opens its doors to abandoned, mistreated and unwanted animals in need of urgent care. The main aim of Worcester Animal Rescue Centre is to give shelter, medical treatment and care; and of course to re-home cats, dogs and ex battery hens.

Our donation will be directly used to microchip, feed, shelter & care for the animals.

A little info as to why we chose this charity:

“I have chosen this charity due to them being close to my heart with carrying the same morals as no animals should be mistreated or left without care. They are a local organisation within Worcestershire and could really do with a financial boost to help support ongoing costs involved in running and most importantly the welfare of the animals in care. With my wife being a veterinary nurse along with multiple friends and loved ones being in the veterinary industry I feel this would be a great compliment to the cause. Animals bring so much joy to our lives and improve our wellbeing, it makes me sad to think some are abandoned and treated incorrectly.

Claire ([email protected]) has informed me they are looking for funding to upgrade/replace the playpens on site. This is where the dogs go to be greeted by new owners for re-homing. They are currently looking run down and offer no shade. This would be a great project to contribute to and Claire will keep us updated on the build process and final design.

Andy Kennedy (National Account manager @ One Stop Cleaning Shop)


Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter

Some words from people who have successfully rehomed from the shelter:

“Giving Oliver (the Cat) a forever home – we hope means as much to him as it does to us. We feel very privileged that he wants to share his life with us.”

“Sam (the Husky crossbreed) has settled in really well, it already feels like he’s been here forever. He’s transitioned off of his fish for dogs food easily and enjoys his new food. He loves his bed, his garden and napping in what he’s decided is ‘his’ spot on the sofa.”

“We adopted Twiggy (the Dog) in November 2014 and it was the best decision we’ve made to date! She was found as a stray in Malvern and I instantly fell in love with her even though I never set out to adopt a dog .”

A little message from WARS about the future…

“Our task is enormous, and it is essential that we sustain our income to meet running costs and, most importantly, the welfare needs of the animals in our care.

Our mission always has been and always will be the animals, and so we are always looking for ways to improve our work, develop our site, and of course to build up the community of support we have. We regularly run events, training workshops and donation appeals, and have a number of support packages such as membership and sponsorship. If you would like to support us in any way, please look at our Support Us page.

Thank you for your support.”