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We have dog or cat urine on our carpet

Carpet 12-Nov-19 | By Nikki

If your pet is repeatedly urinating on your carpet then you need a product that is capable of removing the stain, and killing the odour, even after you have stopped trying to clean the area. Microclean from Bio Productions does just that.

Dog urine

Microclean is full of friendly bacteria:

Friendly bacteria

These bacteria love to eat the urine residue that has been left in your carpet.

1. Simply mix microclean 1 part chemical and 1 part tepid water.

2. Sponge the solution onto the area where the pet has urinated. If the pet has urinated in the same spot over and over again then try to get the microclean solution onto the underlay and even onto the floor boards. The product needs to penetrate whever the urine has touched.

3. Get a clean tea-towel and dampen that with the solution too. Drape the tea towel over the stain, then walk away and leave the bacteria to do the work for you.

4. Once the stain and smell have dispappeared then dispose of the made up solution down the drain. Microclean is eco-friendly  & will also help keep your drains fresh smelling & clear.


Please note you can use micro clean on spilt milk, vomit, faeces, basically any biologial stain.