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We have spilt milk & cant get rid of the smell

Carpet 12-Nov-19 | By Nikki

spilt milk on carpet







There are not many smells worse than the sour smell of milk that has been spilt in a car or onto a carpet. Luckily we know how you can get rid of this vile smell through the use of a product called Microclean.

Microclean is a product full of friendly bacteria that love to munch away at the milk residue, the odours and stains caused. They are consumed by the enzymes that the friendly bacteria naturally create reducing the stain and odour to nothing apart from Co2.

Friendly bacteria

These bacteria love to eat milk or any other biological spillage that has gone onto your carpet.

1. Simply mix microclean 1 part chemical and 1 part tepid water.

2. Sponge the solution onto the area. If you think that the milk might have reached the underlay or even the floor boards then do what you can to lift the carpet to get to these areas too.  The product needs to penetrate wherever the milk has touched.

3. Get a clean tea-towel and dampen that with the solution and leave the towel draped over the stain. Then walk away and leave the bacteria to do the work for you.

4. Once the stain and smell has dispappeared then dispose of the made up solution down the drain and launder the tea towel.


Microclean is eco friendly and will also help keep your drains smelling fresh and runnning freely.

Please note you can use micro clean on urine, vomit, faeces, basically any biologial stain.