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Warehouses can be dusty and dirty with the turnover of large volumes of stock ongoing around the clock. Heavy-duty chemicals are often required, and suitable machinery to clean the vast floor areas. Kit out your warehouse cleaners with everything they need to keep on top of things and ensure your premises remain a safe and clean environment to work in.

At One Stop Cleaning Shop, we are happy to offer advice on floor scrubbers and dryers, as well as any other suitable equipment that can be deployed in a warehouse to keep it in shipshape condition. We also have a huge selection janitorial essentials such as floor cleaners, detergents, rubber gloves, bathroom cleaners, cloths and scourers available to purchase at great prices.

Let us know if you require any specific cleaning advice and we will be more than happy to accommodate your requests. We run a warehouse ourselves, full to the brim of cleaning products and accessories so we have real-world experience of managing the cleaning routine in a warehouse facility.

We are happy to send out orders the same day as they are placed if they are made before 3 pm and we also offer FREE delivery on orders that exceed £75.