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Numatic CRG8072/120T Ride-On Scrubber Dryer

  • 3 Hr Run Time
  • 55cm Cleaning Width
  • 80L Capacity
  • Reduce
  • Recycle
  • Made in UK
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  • Reduce
  • Recycle
  • Made in UK

CRG8072/120T Ride-On Scrubber Dryer 72cm Cleaning Width 80L Capacity 3 Hr Run Time

All the benefits of CRG compact design with added wide track cleaning.

The CRG8072 brings all the features of the popular 8055 model with an additional 30% scrub width. The 2 x 370mm brush configuration provides an astonishing 720mm cleaning width on a ultra compact Ride-on. More cleaning… same user convenience.

The CRG will go into places where bigger machines are not suitable and anything smaller is just too small.

Easy and convenient, just plug and go with on-board charging and fully sealed low maintenance Gel batteries.

Anti Tip System prevents the machine from tipping when cornering on full lock whilst the Flexifill System provides easy filling and emptying.

• Big Cordless Clean Runtime – 24V brush motor power provides 180mins of cleaning time.
• Complete Control – Fully adjustable speed control and easy access to batteries and fuses.
• Promotes Safety – Emergency stop button, horn, power off key and hazard warning light.
• Compact Convenience – On-board charging station and Flexifill System provide ease to user.
• Stay Cleaning for Longer – 80L water capacity, 150rpm brush speed and 720mm scrub width.

Vacuum Motor Power
24V 400 W

Brush Motor Power
24V 600 W

CRG-8072/120 = 2 X 12V (24V) = 120 Ah, CRG-8072/100 = 2 X 12V (24V) = 100 Ah

Run Time
CRG-8072/120 = 3 Hrs, CRG-8072/100 = 2 Hrs

Traction Drive
24V 400 W

Transit Speed

Cleaning Speed

Scrub Width
720 mm

Brush Speed
150 rpm

Water Capacity

948 x 1460 x 1160mm

(Ready to use inc full tank) 100Ah = 288 kg, 120Ah = 300 kg