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SHOCK: The new standard in oscillation cleaning

Product Reviews 17-Apr-24 | By Steve

Unveiling SHOCK

The Ultimate Cleaning Powerhouse for Your Home

When it comes to keeping your workspace spotless and pristine, having the right cleaning tools at your disposal can make all the difference.
That’s where SHOCK comes into play – a true game-changer in the world of cleaning technology. Imagine having two machines rolled into one, with the ability to adapt to your cleaning needs with utmost precision. Intrigued? Let’s dive into what makes SHOCK so exceptional.

Dynamic Modes for Tailored Cleaning

SHOCK’s versatility stems from its ingenious design. With the optional 1.8kg/4lb seismic weight kit, you can effortlessly switch between heavyweight and lightweight modes. Need more downforce for a thorough floor cleaning session? Attach the weight kit and let SHOCK glide along floors, edges, and corners with ease. On the other hand, if manoeuvrability is your priority, simply detach the weight kit to tackle stairs and baseboards with finesse.

MotorScrubber SHOCK

Innovative Wall Protection Glide Wheels

Say goodbye to those pesky scuff marks and accidental collisions! SHOCK is equipped with patented wall protection glide wheels featuring impact defense technology. These wheels are crafted from soft, non-marking rubber, ensuring precision cleaning while safeguarding your walls and furniture. Now you can confidently clean along edges and delve into even the tightest corners without worry.

Effortless Pad Swapping with MAGPlate

The hassle of changing cleaning pads is a thing of the past with SHOCK’s MAGPlate magnetic pad holder system. Experience a fast and hygienic pad replacement process: remove the MAGPlate, place the fresh pad on the floor, hover your SHOCK machine above, and witness the magic as it magnetically snaps into place. Convenience and efficiency in one seamless motion.

MotorScrubber SHOCK

Optimized Cleaning Efficiency with Targeted Fan Spray

Water conservation meets exceptional cleaning performance with SHOCK’s 60-degree targeted fan spray. This innovative feature ensures that the cleaning pad is evenly moistened, reducing water consumption while maintaining top-notch cleaning results. Efficiency and sustainability, all in one package.

Unrivaled Power and Design

At the heart of SHOCK lies a custom-designed, low-profile brushless digital motor, boasting an impressive 5000rpm capability. This motor not only delivers unparalleled power but also contributes to SHOCK’s sleek design. Speaking of design, the 1.8kg/4lb seismic weight kit is ingeniously integrated into an internal cavity, allowing you to switch between downforce and maneuverability without adding extra height.

Built to Endure: Steel Mono-Body Chassis

Beneath SHOCK’s stylish exterior, a robust steel mono-body chassis is engineered to withstand the machine’s powerful oscillation while ensuring consistent pressure distribution on the cleaning pad below. With SHOCK’s capability of delivering a remarkable 83 scrubs per second, you can be certain that every inch of your space receives thorough attention.

MotorScrubber SHOCK

Revolutionizing Stair Cleaning

Navigating stairs has never been easier thanks to SHOCK’s 90-degree pivoting yoke. With a simple tilt of the head, you can seamlessly transition from step to riser, transforming stair cleaning into a breeze.

Unmatched Cleaning Versatility

SHOCK isn’t confined to specific surfaces – it’s designed to excel on all smooth and lightly textured hard floors, up to 3mm deep. From tile and grout to vinyl, laminate, hardwood, concrete, marble, and even carpets, SHOCK’s exceptional performance knows no bounds.

MotorScrubber SHOCK

Elevate Your Cleaning Game with SHOCK

Whether you’re tackling floors, edges, corners, or stairs, SHOCK is the ultimate companion for a truly groundbreaking clean. Its innovative features, customizable modes, and powerful technology redefine what’s possible in home cleaning. Say hello to a new era of cleanliness with SHOCK by your side.

SHOCK’s key technical information

  • Runtime: 50 mins
  • Charge time: 4hrs
  • Telescopic pole (70-140cm)
  • Scrubbing power: 4100rpm
  • Machine weight: 3.4kg
  • Backpack weight: 3.9kg
  • Scrubbing width: 24cm
  • Spray, scrub and dry 10m (32ft) in 80 seconds
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to store by using MCase or Wall Dock
  • Effortless to use


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