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Motor Scrubber - Gen3 Battery Driven Scrubber with Medium Handle No Spray

  • Extremely lightweight, yet heavy-duty in its construction
  • Run Time of 4 Hours
  • This is the ultimate scrubber!
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  • Made in UK
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  • Reduce
  • Made in UK

Motor Scrubber – Gen3 – Battery Driven Scrubber

Small Machine – Big Power.

The Ultimate Cordless, High Torque, Lightweight, Cleaning Machine!

The MotorScrubber M3 quickly and effortlessly cleans your washrooms, showers, stairs, skirting/base boards, windows, swimming pools, motor vehicles and other hard-to-clean areas.

Designed for safe reliable use and to clean all those hard-to-reach places your large cleaning machine simply cannot reach… this is the ultimate scrubber!

Motorscrubber M3 Motorscrubber M3

Motorscrubber M3

The MotorScrubber is 100% Waterproof for use above and below the waterline, the M3 is submersible in water with no shock risk.

It operates off a 12-volt DC battery, which is safe for use around water including in shower cubicles & even in swimming pools – by leaning over and scrubbing the sides of the pool.

A real workhorse with an impressive 4 hours runtime from one charge and takes only 8 hours to fully re-charge. The M3 allows you to scrub and polish where there is no electric outlet available.

Weighing only 1.5kg (2.5kg with the backpack) it is extremely lightweight to use yet heavy duty in its construction.

The M3 comes with the following kit:

  • M3 Machine
  • M3 Battery Backpack
  • Medium Telescopic Aluminium Handle (Medium Size: 70-140cm)
  • Medium Duty Scrubbing Brush
  • Green Floor Pad for Scrubbing
  • Red Floor Pad for Polishing
  • White Fibre Floor Pad for Dry Buffing
  • Microfibre Multi-Purpose Cleaning Pad


Runtime – 4 Hours
Charge Time – Up to 8 Hours
Machine Weight – 3.3 lb
Backpack Weight – 5.5 lb
Brush Speed – 360 rpm
Scrubbing Width – 7.5″
Surface Covered – 404 ft²/hour