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SpaceVac Spacesuit Bundle

£ 892.94 (Excl VAT) £ 1,071.53 (incl VAT)

SpaceVac Spacesuit Bundle

The SpaceSuit is designed to reduce the load of back, shoulders, neck and arms when using our high-level cleaning poles.

The SpaceSuit, in combination with the two-piece tubes, may only be used for the following cleaning or telescopic poles which have a weight of 3 to 8 kilograms:

  • SpaceVac High-Level Cleaning poles
  • Telescopic water fed poles with brush for cleaning facades and sidings.

The SpaceSuit should be worn as intended: with both arms seperately through the shoulder straps and the waistband strapped tight on to you body.

Furthermore – the SpaceSuit also comes with innovative prismatic glasses (see photos), that allow operators to look upwards and monitor cleans without having to strain their neck upwards to do so – another ergonomic benefit of this fantastic new addition to the SpaceVac range!