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Applying a Protective Floor Sealant in New Meeting Room

Cleaning Tips 8-Jan-16 | By Nikki

The expansion of Avon Services – One Stop Cleaning Shop is an exciting one and we want to share our progress with you! We have recently taken over a unit near our preexisting one! This unit will serve as our main warehouse, and also our main meeting room. But we had to make sure the meeting room was just how we wanted it!

We got the flooring done in our company colours, 3 different shades of blue (much like the walls in our main office!), but we wanted the flooring to be as fabulous as the meeting room it is in. This is where Mitch, our Sales manager, comes in.

How To Apply a Protective Floor Sealant

Mitch used Terra Matt Floor Seal on the floor in the new meeting room. Terra Matt creates a shiny, hi-gloss protective seal on the floor which protects the floor from soiling. This type of hi-gloss, protective seal can be topped up every few months if you feel that the seal isn’t working as well as it once was. In the UK we use about 3 or 4 coats of a hi-gloss protection sealant on a floor, whereas in America they can use up to 15! However many coats you want to use for the floor is up to you. On this occasion, we used 5 coats to give it a hard protective seal.

Terra Matt Protection Process

Mitch started by lining a bucket with a bin liner (this is so the floor sealant does not damage and stick to the bucket), then poured in some of the Terra Matt Floor Seal.


After that, using a Vileda Ultraspeed Mini mop, Mitch dipped the mop into the bucket, collecting a small amount of the product, then started mopping it on the floor.


Mitch started by going left to right, making sure that the mop was spreading an even amount of the product on the floor. If it didn’t, she would drag the mop/product until the amount was as even as the amount mopped prior.


This is the finished result of the floor once it has been completely mopped with the hi-gloss floor protection seal. FLOOR PREPARATION POLISHING 3

Once it has dried fully, you can continue with your next few coats, but make sure that you mop the opposite way. The first time that we did it, we mopped left to right (East to West). The second time you should mop in the opposite direction, so up and down (North to South). With each layer, you must alternate the direction in which you apply the protective sealant to the floor. This will ensure that each layer is equal and looks good.

Floor Protection Sealant

When you have a protective sealant on a floor, you have to make sure that the appropriate maintenance is undertaken to keep the floor shiny, by doing things such as buffing the floor. Over time, sections of the floor where people walk a lot will get worn. Therefore, what we will do in a couple of months is scrub off the top coat, using an alkaline based product, and re-coat the floor. Luckily, because of the formulation of Terra Matt, when you use an alkaline based product it won’t strip the floor completely, meaning you wont have to apply as many coats the second time.

Have you ever applied a floor protection sealant like this? How did you find it? Did your process differ from ours?