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How To Clean Gravy Stains

Cleaning Tips 4-Jan-16 | By Nikki

Cleaning Gravy Stains

The festive season is now over and we are all experiencing the January blues after having time off for Christmas. Many of us will have had an easy Christmas and enjoyed Christmas dinner. But what about those that have managed to spill gravy and get a stubborn stain? Well we have just the remedy for you to clean gravy stains!


Gravy Clothing Stain

To start, make sure that you scrape away any excess gravy that’s on your clothes, as this helps to make removal of the brown mark much easier. If the item of clothing is washable, soak it in cold water to remove as much of the stain as possible. The older the stain, the longer you should soak it in cold water. Sometimes up to several hours!

As gravy usually contains some grease, it can make getting stains out of clothing very tough. But this just means that for washable fabrics, a simple water based solution should do the trick on removing the stain. To get rid of the stain, start with a solution of 1/4 teaspoon (1ml) clear liquid dish washing detergent, several drops of ammonia, and 1/2 cup (118ml) warm water. Apply this directly to the fabric, then lay the garment on a hard surface and pat the stain lightly with the back of a spoon. Tapping the item of clothing with the back of a spoon allows the solution to get in between the fibres of the clothing, where the stain hides.

Once you have done that, wash the garment as directed, either in a washing machine or by hand in the hottest water that’s safe enough for that fabric. If the stain doesn’t come out completely, follow the same pretreatment procedure, but using a liquid clothes detergent containing enzymes, as enzymes eat away at protein based substances like gravy. Apply it directly to the stain, pat with a spoon, then wash.

Carpet Rug Gravy Stain

When it comes to gravy stains being on a carpet and rug, firstly blot the gravy with a white towel and spot remover. If that doesn’t work, try blotting with a solution of 1/4 cup (59ml) clear liquid dish washing detergent, and 1 cup (237ml) lukewarm water. Once you have applied the solution, rinse by blotting with a clean towel and water, then blot the area dry with a fresh towel.

Take caution when using cleaning solutions to get out stains. Always make sure that you have thoroughly rinsed out one solution before trying another, as mixing chemicals can create harmful fumes or react badly on the garment. Always test cleaning solutions on inconspicuous areas of the stained item.

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