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How to Clean Urine and Milk Stains in Carpet

Cleaning Tips 20-Jan-16 | By Nikki

spilled milk and dog urine

Many things get dropped onto carpets from wine to milk, to food and other things. But how do you clean up biological stains? Has a child spilled their milk and it has left a funny smell? What if your cat or dog has urinated on a carpet, and although you’ve tried to get the stain and smell out, an aroma still lingers? Look no further, we have the advice for you on how to clean urine and milk stains on carpets!

Cleaning Biological Stains

Children are hard to look after at the best of times but even more so when they drop drinks and food into carpets. And once milk has been spilled onto a carpet, the liquid seems to cling to the fibres of the carpet, no matter how much you’ve soaked it up with a towel or paper towel! For a while after, the milk leaves a sour, unpleasant aroma.

The same goes for pets urinating on a floor. It is hard enough trying to house train dogs, even sometimes cats although they learn how to use a litter tray very fast, but sometimes they can have mishaps too. Urine is one of the worst smells and it is important to combat that, not just for aesthetic reasons, but also for hygiene.

All you need is Microclean which is available in a 1L bottle or a 5L bottle.


Microclean is excellent at combating stains and smells left by milk and urine because it contains friendly bacteria that thrive on the smells and stains. The good bacteria inside Microclean eat away at the bad bacteria until it is completely gone, meaning Microclean does the job for you! No more elbow grease needed with scrubbing at carpets.

How to Clean Urine and Milk Stains and Aromas

1. To start, mix 1 part Microclean with 1 part tepid water.

2. Then sponge the solution onto the desired area. If a pet has urinated on the same spot multiple times, or the milk has seeped through the carpet, try to get the Microclean solution onto the underlay and even the floor boards. The product needs to penetrate wherever the offending liquid has been, as the good bacteria inside the solution needs to be able to access the stain and smell to get rid of it fully.

3. If sponging doesn’t work as well as you’d hoped, get a clean tea towel and soak it in the Microclean solution.

4. Once the towel has soaked up the solution, lay it on the stain and leave it there. You can now take a tea or coffee break, as the friendly bacteria will do the rest for you!

5. Once the smell and stain has disappeared, dispose of the solution down the drain. The great thing about Microclean is that it will keep your drains clean and free from dirt too as the bacteria will eat at everything potentially blocking the pipes! Microclean works on numerous biological stains from milk, to vomit, to faeces and many more!


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