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Counting Down to OneStopCleaningShop New Website Launch

Cleaning Tips 4-Feb-14 | By Nikki

Here at OnestopCleaningShop in Bristol we are all really excited that the launch our new web site is only a few weeks away. There are loads of fantastic features on our new site that we hope our 30,000+ customers will find of great benefit.

Probably the most exciting new feature is our new cleaning guide. In the next few months we are going to compile a database of all the most common requests & queries we have received over the past 50 years. eg what is the best vacuum for removing pet hairs on a carpet? How can I renovate my wooden floor without sanding it? We will provide links to the equipment you will need, pictures & video showing the processes you need to take.

Another great new feature is that our account customers will be able to buy on line from us without having to enter a credit/debit card. This means that orders can be placed day or night whenever they discover they need some stock.

MSDS and technical information sheets will be available for immediate download from our new site on all our top selling chemicals. See this eg here of PDQ – you can print a sheet that shows you how to use PDQ & where to use PDQ straight from the site. Ensuring your operative does not have an excuse to follow the recommended procedures.