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How To Get Rid of Sticky Residue

Cleaning Tips 6-Jan-16 | By Nikki

Getting Rid of Sticky Residue

We’ve all been there. Something sticky is on our shoe, it could be glue from a label, it could be chewing gum.

What about when you’re at work and there is residue on the wall, or your desk, from blue tac and sellotape? We have just the remedy for you!

Sticky Residue Removal

I have spent what felt like hours before, tiredly rubbing a soapy cloth on the remnants of sellotape glue and it has only ever budged slightly. It is the most frustrating feeling in the world when you’re putting all of your elbow grease into cleaning something and it barely produces any results.

That was before I discovered TAG This product is a saviour when it comes to getting rid of sticky residue. But it’s talents don’t just end there! As well as getting rid of sticky tape, it can also get rid of chewing gum, glue, oils, grease and tar.

All you have to do is pour a small amount of TAG onto a cloth and buff the sticky residue. This product makes sticky residue come off so effortlessly that you can quickly proceed to the next cleaning task. It also has a very pleasant citrus smell.

Below are instruction on how to use this product:

1. When wearing gloves, start by pouring a small amount of TAG onto a cloth.

2. Buff at the sticky residue with the TAG that is on the cloth.

3. Watch as the residue begins to disappear.

4. Keep doing this process until all of the sticky residue has been rubbed away.

Have you ever tried to get rid of sticky tape residue? What have you found worked for you? If you have another cleaning problem, check out our Product Finder section, which lists a load of cleaning problems and how to fix them.

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