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How Often Should You Wash Everything…

Cleaning Tips 12-Sep-23 | By Steve

How Often Should You Wash Everything… From pillows to tea towels & even your mobile phone!

In today’s fast-paced world, where we have access to countless cleaning tools and products, there’s no excuse for neglecting basic hygiene practices. Yet, shockingly, many people admit to washing everyday items like towels only once a year! Cleaning expert Kim Woodburn, known as the Queen of Clean, thinks this is a practice that needs to be reconsidered. In this blog post, we’ll delve into Kim’s advice on how often you should clean everyday items to maintain a fresh and hygienic living space.

Mobile Phones: Once a Day

Our beloved mobile phones often carry more bacteria than toilet seats! Kim advises us to make it a daily habit to clean our phones with antiseptic wipes. It’s a simple task that can make a significant difference in our daily hygiene.

Pillows: Every Six Months

Did you know that you should wash your pillows, not just the pillowcases, to keep them fresh and free from dust mites? Check the label to ensure your pillow is washable, and take advantage of sunny days to speed up the drying process. Kim also recommends using a protective case to extend your pillow’s life.

Carpets: Every Three Months

Powerflo Carpet

Kim emphasizes the importance of taking off our shoes as soon as we enter our homes. The debris we carry indoors can accumulate on carpets, making regular deep cleaning necessary. Depending on your household traffic, aim for a thorough carpet cleaning every three months.

Toasters: Once a Week

Toasters often develop a burning smell due to the buildup of year-old breadcrumbs. Kim’s solution? Remove the tray at the bottom of your toaster and give it a good shake over old newspaper to get rid of the crumbs. This simple weekly task can prevent potential fire hazards.

Bedsheets: Once a Week

Considering all the things that come into contact with our bedsheets, it’s essential to wash them weekly. Kim suggests using a hot wash of at least 60 degrees to ensure a thorough cleaning. This practice helps maintain a fresh and hygienic sleeping environment.

Tea Towels: Every Day

To keep your tea towels in tip-top shape, Kim soaks them in a plastic bowl with hot water and detergent after each use. This method allows you to wait until you have enough items to do a full load of laundry, saving energy and water.

Toothbrush Holders: Every Day

Kim warns against sharing toothbrush holders with a large family, as dirt can quickly accumulate. It takes just a few seconds to check the bottom of the holder, rinse it, and wipe it clean. Additionally, keep the holder away from toilets to avoid contamination during flushing.

Computer Keyboards: Every Day

Computer keyboards can harbor thousands of organisms, making them dirtier than toilet seats. Kim advises a daily wipe-down with an antiseptic wipe, a quick task you can do while enjoying your morning cup of tea.

Bath Towels: Twice a Week

Using bath towels for more than three times a week can lead to a buildup of bad bacteria. Kim suggests washing them at higher temperatures (60 or 80 degrees) when they’re heavily soiled. Hanging wet towels to dry after use helps prevent bacterial growth.

In conclusion, maintaining a clean and hygienic living space doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By following Kim Woodburn’s expert advice and establishing simple cleaning routines, you can enjoy a healthier and fresher home. So, bid farewell to the annual towel wash and embrace a cleaner, healthier lifestyle!


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