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I want to clean grease, hair oil and body contact soils from my fabric sofa

Cleaning Tips 12-Nov-19 | By Nikki

If the fabric of your sofa hasn’t been cleaned for a while, has grease, hair oil and body contact soils on it, and you’re looking for a way to give it a thorough cleaning, then we have the method for you.


1. Carry out a full inspection/survey of the item to be cleaned (including a dye bleed test on an inconspicuous area) so that you know what you’re cleaning and that the product doesn’t affect the fabric.

2. Vacuum the sofa to get rid of any dust and dirt lurking about that you cannot see.

3. Put Fabric Restorer into a 1.5 litre pump-up sprayer (diluted at 1 part B108 [Fabric Restorer] to 16 parts water) or mix in a bucket.

4. Spray the fabric with B108 Fabric Restorer. Alternatively, if you have used a bucket, apply foam using an upholstery brush, directly onto all heavily soiled areas.

5. Brush into the fabric and allow to dwell for two–four minutes.

8. Set the nap with a terry towel. Job done!