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I Want to Clean my Laminate Floor Easily and Quickly

Cleaning Tips 12-Nov-19 | By Nikki

Cleaning Laminate Floors

The term laminate flooring describes a floor that is made up of layers. Those layers might be made of hardwood, softwood or vinyl. The most popular type of laminate uses a photo of wood or natural stone, which is sandwiched between the protective layer you walk on & the base layer.

What Mop is Best for Laminate Floors?

Excess water can easily damage laminate floors; water can soak between the planks & make the layers described above separate. Any mop or cloth used on laminate flooring should be slightly damp & definitely not sopping wet.

Vileda Ultraspeed Mini Flat Mops are perfect for laminate floors as the inbuilt wringer removes all excess water.


A traditional socket mop like this will leave too much water on the floor:


The ultraspeed mini mop head is made of microfibre & quickly absorbs dirt & grease from any floor. Mopping with a flat mop is also much quicker than using a traditional mop as you cover a much larger area with every pass. This video shows how much quicker flat mopping is and demonstrates how much drier the floor is left.


What Cleaning Chemical Should I Use on my Laminate Floor?

The best chemical for laminate floors is C2. It has a neutral ph and a  self-levelling formulation; Which means that it dries quickly and evenly, without leaving patches, smears or mops marks. C2 comes in a self-dosing bottle. Leaving the cap shut, tip the bottle upside down & 1 dose will fill the container’s reservoir. Flip the top & pour the chemical into the bucket. Use two doses in the bucket we recommend above.

Clover chemicals C2


How to Mop a Laminate Floor

  • Before getting the floor wet, always thoroughly vacuum or sweep the floor.
  • Add 2 doses of C2 to a 5L mop bucket & add 5L of water.
  • Start in the corner of the room, furthest from the door.
  • Dip your mop into the mop bucket, wring the excess water out of the mop by pushing the mophead down into the wringer. Begin mopping the floor in a figure of 8 motion (as shown in the video).
  • The floor will dry really quickly but try not to walk on it until it is bone dry.
  • Wash the mop in your washing machine but don’t use fabric softener as this can affect the performance and effectiveness of microfibre mop heads.