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I want to clean surfaces properly

Cleaning Tips 12-Nov-19 | By Nikki

You’d be surprised to know that many people don’t use a cloth properly when cleaning. Many people will scrunch, or ball a cloth up in their hands when cleaning.


This is not the correct way to clean using a cloth because when the cloth is bunched, numerous parts of the cloth will be making contact with the dirty surface. This then means that when you use this cloth to clean again, you are spreading germs instead of cleaning, because numerous sections of the cloth will be dirty.


The correct way to use a cloth is to fold it and use a flat side. Some cloths, such as the Vileda Breazy Cloth, can be folded so that they have 8 sides.


Once you have one flat side to use, spray your cleaning product onto the cloth, NOT the surface. Spraying directly onto the surface is wasteful, as there is always more product than you need. Whereas spraying directly onto the cloth contains the spray and it stops you using as much.


Once you have sprayed the cloth, wipe the surface. If you need more cleaning product, just spray the cloth again.


This way, as you are using a flat side of the cloth, the dirt will be contained to that side, meaning all other sides of the cloth will be clean for when you need to clean again. Not only does this make the cloth hygienic but it will also save you money as the cloth will not wear out as fast, compared to if you scrunch it and clean.