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Join us on Our Journey to a Greener Cleaner World

OSCS News 25-Feb-21 | By Nikki

For the past 52 years, we have been part of an industry that has been polluting the planet & doing very little to pro-actively promote greener products. As a company, we have let our customers lead us where they wanted to go. So, as our customers have not traditionally demanded environmentally friendly products, we have only ever stocked a limited range.

Today, we are making a commitment to change.

Our 10 Step Programme to Becoming Greener

  1. We will continue to actively replace any environmentally unfriendly products in our range with green alternatives.
  2. Every week, we will be creating videos that compare our most popular products’ effectiveness against safer, environmentally friendly alternatives. These will appear on our youtube channel as well as on the relevant product pages.
  3. At every step of our sales funnel, we will offer green alternatives to our customers.
  4. Trying to do the right thing environmentally can be confusing, so we plan to create blogs & videos investigating the truth behind what makes a product green or not green.
  5. Wherever possible, we will eliminate single-use plastics from our range.
  6. When there is no alternative to single-use plastic products, we will offer to monitor the purchases & report back to customers on their usage.
  7. We plan to invite our customers to run monitored trials on green products so that we can both be sure the new products are effective.
  8. Cleaning machines that our customers no longer need will be collected & refurbished for resale whenever possible. This should reduce the number of machines going to landfill.
  9.  Currently, we re-use all packaging that comes to us from our suppliers; this means that a lot of the packaging we repurpose is not bio-degradable. Our suppliers will be nagged into swapping to biodegradable packaging.
  10. We will continue to offer concentrated chemicals wherever possible. This reduces the amount of plastic & reduces the cost in use for our customers.

So, if you are looking to change to a greener way of cleaning, stay tuned.

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