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My interior windows are dirty and have smudges on them

Cleaning Tips 12-Nov-19 | By Nikki

If you have interior windows that are dirty and hard to clean then look no further than the Vikan Easy Shine Kit. This kit is easy to use and exceptional at producing results you can be proud of.

1. Start by attaching a pad to the head of the mop, securing it on the sections of velcro on the back of the mop head.

2. Clip the mop head onto the telescopic handle.

3. Fill the supplied trigger spray with tap water.

4. Lightly spray the window, or spray the pad connected to the mop head.

5. Once you have sprayed the window, or mop head, you can begin cleaning the window.

Alternatively, if you would rather clean easy to reach areas:

1. Spray a Vikan cloth with water.

2. Buff the smudges and marks on the window away.


Below is a video demonstrating how we use the Vikan Easy Shine Kit.