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My leather sofa is dirty and I don’t know what to use to clean it

Cleaning Tips 12-Nov-19 | By Nikki

Got a leather sofa and you don’t know how to ensure that when you clean it there are no places for the dirt to hide?

Then we have just the product, and instructions, for you!

1. Firstly, test E672 Leather Cleaner in an inconspicuous to make sure that the leather cleaner does not change the colour, or irritate the leather.

2. In areas where there is heavy soiling, use a brush to loosen the soil as this makes cleaner the leather much easier and simpler.

3. Apply a small quantity of Leather Cleaner onto a clean, slightly damp white terry cloth, and gently clean and work the leather cleaner into a small area of leather, using circular motions.

4. Pay attention to the removal of soil from stitching, creases and corners.

5. Wipe and rinse the leather surface with another damp towel to remove the soil and cleaner. Then towel dry the leather. Rinse towels in clear water as needed to remove soil build-up.


Once you have cleaned the leather with E672 leather cleaner, then use E675 Leather Conditioner.


6. As with the Leather Cleaner, test in an inconspicuous area for colour transfer.

7. Using a slightly damp white towel, apply the Leather conditioner evenly to the hide of the leather.

8. Leave the leather conditioner solution to dry for five minutes.

9. Buff the solution to a smooth appearance using a clean dry white towel.

10. Repeat conditioning process when needed to keep leather soft and supple.