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My Wooden Floor is Looking Dull & Unloved

Cleaning Tips 12-Nov-19 | By Nikki

It doesn’t matter how your badly your wooden floor has been treated in the past it is usually possible to improve its appearance using a combination of a product called PDQ & a floor polishing machine.

  1. Vacuum your floor thoroughly
  2. Dilute PDQ intro a trigger spray bottle 1 part PDQ to 8 parts water
  3. Lightly spray the solution onto the floor & leave for 30 seconds or so
  4. Fit a soft white pad onto your floor polisher & dry buff.
  5. The floor will be clean, dry & will will have a slight sheen. Here’s a picture of my friend’s reclaimed parquet floor that was scratched , worn & covered in spots of tar.

We followed the steps above & the floor changed from how the floor appears in top left hand corner to the appearance in the middle of the photo. Amazing results 10 minutes