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Prevent Slips In The Workplace

Health and Safety 5-Oct-22 | By Steve

Leaks in public spaces can create numerous health and safety risks for both visitors and staff. These risks not only include slips, trips and falls for the public, but it also puts businesses and organisations at risk of liability claims.

man slipping slip

Slips and trips account for one in five serious injuries to employees, as well as two fatalities every year.

According to HSE statistics, over 600,000 employees were injured in an accident at work in 2015, and slips and trips are the most common cause of injuries at work with over 10,000 workers suffering a serious injury due to a slip or trip last year.
The cost of slips and trips to employers is £512 million a year, with the cost to the health service totalling £133 million.

However, with this brand new SlipStop® range, the majority of slips and trips can be avoided.

This is a wide funnel leak collector, designed to minimise slip hazards, by collecting water from leaks efficiently, whilst acting as a high visibility wet floor sign.

The leaking water is funnelled into the SlipStop® collection bucket, which contains the SlipStop® Absorb Liner, absorbing the water and removing the hazard.

SlipStop not only manages risks more effectively but provides a much tidier and more professional appearance.

slipstop sign

  • Safely collects leaks to prevent slips
  • High visibility design prevents trips

slipstop sign

slipstop sign

We currently offer the collapsible SlipStop 65, which includes the wet floor sign, funnel, collection bucket and 20 liners.

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